About Us

Re:Vision Drug Policy Network is a national network of young people speaking out for an effective drug policy. We started up in March 2011. We are seeking to empower all young aged 16-25 to campaign for effective drug policies, control and regulation, and harm reduction methods. The Drug War is fought in the name of youth, so it is essential that we as young people argue for an end to punitive, harmful drug laws.

Our Mission, Aims and Objectives

Our mission is to work with young people and interested organisations to create the belief that a drug policy based on the ideas of human welfare and human rights is both possible and necessary.

Our aims are:

  • To change the framework of the debate on drug policy towards control and regulation but working with policy-makers, be that politicians, the media, or public opinion.
  • To raise awareness among young people about drug policy and alternatives to the war on drugs.
  • To empower young people to speak out and campaign against harmful drug policies and for better systems of control and regulation.
  • To support other organisations seeking alternatives to the war on drugs or providing harm reduction services to drug users or victims of the drug war.

Our objectives are:

  • To establish a nationwide network of young people who are informed about and are willing to speak out against the drug war.
  • To arm young people with the skills and information necessary for them to make an impact on drug policy.
  • To provide opportunities for young people to use those skills and to empower them to create their own.
  • To campaign, together and individually, in an effective, sustained and directed manner against punitive and harmful drug policy and for harm reduction methods and control and regulation.

Our structures and processes

For more information, please see an outline of our structure.