Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity is often looked down on in our society, but is something that we take very seriously in Re:Vision. Equality means ensuring that everyone has fair access to opportunities within Re:Vision. Diversity means we are committing to trying to ensure we are representative of as many different groups within society as possible, because coming together with all our differences produce a greater whole.The drug law of our world are regularly used to harass, discriminate against and pick on minorities, and it is impossible for any significant progress to be made against the drug war if all that we are campaigning for is a change in the tools of oppression. Some of us have had very bad experiences within other drug law reform organisation that we have been part of, and this is unacceptable. The drug law reform movement is made up of a very diverse range of people, from single mothers to wealthy entrepreneurs to drug dealers and drug users themselves, and all deserve to have their commitment and efforts respected.

The Re:Vision Drug Policy Network is a place where anyone can campaign on their own terms for a world in which drugs are treated as a health issue and not a criminal justice matter.

Re:Vision will aim to ensure that no volunteer or employee, either current or potential, is discriminated against either directly or indirectly on the grounds of age, gender identity, transition status, gender presentation, sexual orientation, sexual preference, ethnicity, neuropharmacological status, race, colour, nationality, cultural origin, religion, disability, experience of mental distress, HIV status, caring responsibility, class, education, employment status, political belief or unrelated criminal conviction (this is not an exhaustive list).

As part of our commitment to Equality and Diversity, we have an extensive Equality and Diversity Policy which we give to all of our volunteers. The policy outlines how we intend to implement our belief in the equality of all people in how we recruit, how we train our staff and volunteers, how we organise and make decisions, how we respond to criticism and how we review and assess all of our policies. It specifically includes commitments towards combating discrimination on the grounds of sex, gender identity, sexuality, race, age, disability, parenthood and caring responsibilities, health status, drug use, class, and prior convictions and criminal records. It is, as far as we are aware, the broadest equality and diversity policy ever written – at least, we couldn”t think of anything else to add.

We also have a detailed Disciplinary Policy that ensures fairness and impartiality to both the aggrieved person and the subject of the complaint.Every Re:Vision volunteer signs a volunteering agreement with our organisation (membership is granted only to people with volunteering agreements and who are participating in our donation scheme) – this outlines what we want of our volunteers and what our volunteers can expect from us. Signing this agreement entitles you to protection under our Equality and Diversity Policy and our Disciplinary Policy, which can be used if you feel that you are being bullied or discriminated against by another member of Re:Vision. We have designated volunteers responsible for dealing with complaints, and appeal procedures for if the complainant feels that our investigations were not adequate. Our concern is to begin with informal mediation and escalate the situation as necessary.

The Two Ticks Disability Symbol

Two Ticks scheme symbolWe have been awarded the Two Ticks Disability Symbol by the JobCentre for our efforts to ensure that our organisation is as inclusive as possible and for putting systems in place to ensure that inequality and poor working practices can be identified and changed as early as possible. The minimum commitments under the symbol are:

  • to interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a job vacancy and to consider them on their abilities
  • to discuss with disabled employees, at any time but at least once a year, what both parties can do to make sure disabled employees can develop and use their abilities
  • to make every effort when employees become disabled to make sure they stay in employment
  • to take action to ensure that all employees develop the appropriate level of disability awareness needed to make these commitments work
  • to review these commitments each year and assess what has been achieved, plan ways to improve on them and let employees and Jobcentre Plus know about progress and future plans

We always welcome feedback and the opportunity to improve our equality and diversity, for employees, volunteers, and those who interact with us.