Update: Breaking the Taboo and Other News

Dear drug law reformers,

today sees the online premiere of the ground-breaking Breaking the Taboo, a documentary about the drug war. Featuring prominent statesmen including Presidents Clinton and Carter, the film follows the Global Commission on Drug Policy on a mission to break the political taboo and expose the biggest failure of global policy in the last 50 years.

Another film about how the drug war is a failure will not be new to many of us, but this is one of the first times that so many public and political figures have been willing to admit that the project that they themselves in many cases worked on has been a failure and that we need something different. Coming on top of the first referenda in the world to legalise cannabis by public mandate in Colorado and Washington, we can finally see the cracks in Prohibition starting to cave in. Inspired or spurred on by the referenda, numerous other states are now looking at a range of other solutions, including Uruguay”s proposed state monopoly of cannabis.

You can watch Breaking the Taboo here.

Our review is here.

The House I Live In

If you haven”t had your fill of celebrity-studded award-winning gritty documentaries about the drug war, The House I Live In, sponsored by Brad Pitt and Danny Glover and directed by Eugene Jarecki, will be airing with a Panel Q&A following at the Oval in London on the 11th December. Tickets are on sale here.

Some Re:Vision folks will be going, so please get in touch if you are too and would like to meet up.

On the Blog

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