Update: Re:Vision in the News – Cannabis Farms in Manchester

“Under Operation Broadley, police want the public to support them by reporting their suspicions on illegal plantations, as more stringent border controls have resulted in criminals choosing to home-grow marijuana. Police discovered 1,180 cannabis cultivations with 10 plants or more last year, arresting 1,458 as a result. However, a national campaigner for a reworking of drug policy group has blamed the GMP’s clampdown of warehouse production for the widespread problems of smaller farms across Greater Manchester.

Sarah McCulloch, Local Group Coordinator for Re:Vision Drug Policy Manchester, said: “The reality of the situation is that by constantly clamping down on cannabis farms, GMP are simply spreading them all over Manchester instead of confining them to a few manageable areas.“

Cannabis production is being pushed out of warehouses and abandoned buildings to the suburbs and residential housing where they are a much greater nuisance to regular people.“So long as Mancunians want cannabis, there will be people to grow it, regardless of how many farms GMP bust.”

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