The Re:Vision Drug Policy Network was founded in 2011 by a group of friends who felt that the current drug policy landscape was missing a group that mobilised ordinary citizens to campaign on local and national levels against the drug war. So we tried to start one.

In 2013, we all graduated and went out separate ways and Re:Vision lost its core team that kept everything running, and has been adrift ever since.

At the time of writing, 2017, there is still no mass membership group which aims to mobilises people against the drug war. We’re pretty convinced that Re:Vision still have a part to play, we were still getting volunteer requests five years after we stopped actively campaigning, and people are still visiting the website and liking our social media pages.

But what’s needed is at least one and perhaps several people who can put in the effort of doing the policy, volunteer coordinating, and media work involved in running a national non-profit campaigning group. The centre of the doughnut, if you will.

We have therefore secured the website, our files, and our banners, and we’re waiting for those people to appear. We still have the connections to other drug law reform groups, and a whole load of experience and advice we can offer. But our lives have moved on and we can’t take an active role in what is an escalating and turning tide against a harmful, punitive, and inhumane war against some of the poorest and most downtrodden of our society.

Perhaps you can?

You need to really care about drug policy, and you need to have some campaigning experience. We have had three people offer to take on a coordinating role in the last six years and it hasn’t worked out each time because people have been overly ambitious or underinformed about what it takes to really run a mass membership organisation. Realise that this is a commitment.

But if you think you can commit, let us know, and we’ll have a conversation: info@revisiondrugs.org. Because the drug war has failed, and it’s time to move on.